Keynote Address: ANL and iSAT Africa - Rakesh Kukreja, M.D, Business Services

 Welcome to the first ANL Annual Broadcast Roadshow. We are excited and honored to have your presence.

The journey at Alldean has been a long and successful one and we owe a part of that success to some of you here today who has been part of that wonderful journey.

For over a decade now, Alldean has been best known as connectivity providers and signal distributors over satellite but as we enter a new era for another successful innings, Alldean Networks Ltd was merged with iSAT Africa ltd, a UAE based wholesale satellite operator with pan African operations and an esteemed member of the Wananchi Group of Companies.

The merger of Alldean with iSAT Africa ltd was a timely and strategic move as it ushered Alldean networks ltd to new possibilities with further advancement into latest technologies. The major breakthroughs that have occurred in the last six months is that now Alldean upgraded their infrastructure including latest Mpeg4, DVBS2 Harmonics hub, DVBS2 IP Data Hub and another key milestone reached is that now we are able to offer Fiber and Wireless based solutions as well as storage solutions for media organizations. In short - it’s an achievement of moving from simple connectivity into a provider of end-to-end solutions for the media industry.

Keeping up-to-date on the new developments on the media connectivity solutions with the decade over experience, Alldean has entered into the new innings with today’s great road show and we do hope to better understand the challenges organizations are tackling and better align our now diversified solutions to meet such specific needs.

Alldean continues to forge ahead with research, test and implement high quality, affordable and reliable solutions to meet the current and future specific customer needs while ensuring the best returns on customers’ investment and for this effect we have built strong and solid partnership with technology giants such as SES, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Newtec, Harmonics, Comtect, iDirect and many others.

As you all are aware that Africa is one of the signatories to the Geneva Agreement that states all broadcasting signals must be migrated from analogue to digital by June 2015. The move from analog to digital will have a significant impact on the media industry and will force us to reinvent ourselves on how we run our media organizations. These futuristic changes will bring in lot of competitors into the digital TV scenario and we already are witness to the many new digital TV channels with regional outlook as well as national outlook compared to the 5 or 6 analog TV stations we had a while ago. ANL will continue to play a vital role in this migration, both to Digital Terrestrial Transmission as well as digital Direct to Home (DTH) satellite over the whole pan-African reach.

The magic word “digital” has invaded our lives and is fast changing the media industry from what it was understood it in the past years. In the present scenario we just need a handheld device to capture and broadcast events in real time.

The internet has obliterated geographical barriers and time limitations and more content is being exchanged online than ever before. Concepts such as multiscreen, TV on Social media, Mobile TV, FM streaming, News gathering on mobile devices and many others are forcing media houses to rethink on how they capture and deliver the content to the end users.

This road show is to broadcast the very fact that we have ushered in to the new era of moving with the best and latest technology and that we have aligned ourselves with the new standards of the broadcast industry.

With great anticipation and hope that the discussions we shall hold today will benefit all of us mutually and with optimism that we shall meet futuristic need of the digital world successfully, thank each one of you who are here and part of our journey .

Thank you.

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